Powder Pouch Packing Machines

Powder Sachet Packaging Solution

Struggling with inconsistent and unreliable powder packaging? Every imperfect sachet costs you time, money, and customer trust. Don't let outdated machinery hold back your product's potential.

Elevate your powder packaging with our cutting-edge technology. Tailor every pouch to your desire, whether it's free-flowing granules or stubborn powders.

From sachets to premade bags, we seal flawlessly. Whether it's flour, spices, or that essential cup of joe, we've mastered the art of precision packaging.

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Explore Our Powder Packaging Machines!

Crafted with precision, made for your demands. Welcome to the pinnacle of powder packaging. From ready pouches to vertical seals, we've got all powders covered.

Auger filler powder sachet packaging machine

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High speed powder stick pack machine

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Multilan stick pack machine 

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VFFS style powder packing machine

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VFFS cup filler packing machine for powder

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Premade pouch powder packaging machine

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CTC tea bag packaging machine

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Drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Powder Packaging Demo Videos

Dive into Diverse Powder Packaging Applications

Step into the future of diverse powder packaging applications. Excellence, tailored for every task.

Easy Flowing Powders

 Characterized by their smooth consistency, these powders glide effortlessly, ensuring a seamless packaging process. Whether it's the light drift of confectioner's sugar, the fine grains of table salt, or the delicate texture of talcum powder, our machines capture the essence of each product, guaranteeing precision in every pouch.

Non-Easy Flowing Powders

These powders, with their unique cohesiveness and clumping tendencies, demand specialized attention. From the rich density of cocoa powder, the sticky nature of brown sugar, to the challenging consistency of certain protein mixes, our machines rise to the occasion.


Milk powder

Coffee powder

Brown sugar

Detergent powder

Bagging Brilliance: Styles to Suit Every Powder!

Crafted for versatility, our powder sachet packaging machines support an array of bag designs. Elevate your brand with the perfect pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key points to consider during the powder packaging process?
  • Consistent Powder Flow: Ensure a smooth and consistent flow of powder to prevent blockages or overfilling.
  • Filling Speed: Adjust the speed to match the type of powder and bag size for optimal filling.
  • Temperature & Pressure: Regularly monitor the machine's sealing temperature and pressure to ensure a tight seal.
  • Machine Maintenance: Periodic checks and maintenance can prevent unexpected downtimes and enhance efficiency.
  • Quality of Materials: Use high-quality bags and seals to ensure product integrity and reduce wastage.
I'm facing dust issues during powder packaging. How can I mitigate this´╝č

Dust challenges can be mitigated by integrating a dust extraction nozzle or using a dedicated dust collection system.

Ensuring the right filling speed and using fine-mesh bags can also minimize dust spillage.

Regular machine cleaning is essential to maintain a dust-free environment.

How can I ensure the bags are sealed tightly during the powder packaging process?

To achieve a secure seal, it's vital to:

  • Check the sealing temperature and pressure regularly.
  • Ensure the sealing area is free from any powder residue.
  • Use bags made of suitable material and thickness.
  • Calibrate the machine periodically for optimal performance.
What are the filling machine options available for powder packaging machines?

We offer a range of filling machine options tailored to your needs, including:

  • Auger Fillers: Ideal for fine powders and ensures precise measurements.
  • Volumetric Cup Fillers: Suitable for granular products and offers consistent volume-based filling.
  • Weight Fillers: Uses weight as a metric, ensuring accurate filling for varied powder densities.
  • Combination Fillers: A hybrid solution that combines multiple filling techniques for versatile packaging needs.
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