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Streamline Your Packaging Process with Our Advanced Pouch Packing Machines

Transform your packaging process with our top-tier, budget-friendly custom packing machines.

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Speed up your packaging with our Premade Pouch Fill and Seal Machines. Skip bag-forming and get straight to sealing diverse preformed bags. 
Perfect for food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics。

Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine

Efficiently pack a variety of products, from granules to liquids, with our VFFS machines. 
It forms, fills, and seals bags vertically, ensuring consistent dimensions and secure packaging.

Flow Packaging Machine

Ideal for solid products, this horizontal packing machine wraps items continuously and horizontally. 
Its high-speed operation promotes productivity while maintaining packaging quality.

Sachet & Stick Packing Machine

Pack small quantities into individual sachets with our versatile bagging machine.
It handles a range of substances, perfect for samples or single-serve portions.

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We're your all-in-one hub for personalized pouch packaging solutions and expert technical services, dedicated to boosting your packaging quality and efficiency.
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Key Benefits


Our flexible packing machines can handle a variety of pouch formats and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of products.


Every bag packing machine we offer is combined with precise filling & weighing equipments, ensuring that every pouch packed meets the exact standards set.

Easy to Use

With user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions, our pouch packing machines are easy to operate, reducing the need for extensive training.


Our pouch packing machines work at high speed, allowing your production line to meet quotas and deadlines

Why choose XhPACKING?

Our pouch packing machines are designed for excellence, ensuring zero-risk and professional solutions. Choose us for the perfect balance of reliability and versatility.

Skilled Workmanship

Behind every great product is a great team. Our pouch packing machines are the result of skilled workmanship, designed and built by professionals who understand the nuances of the industry.

Fit Your Budget

Our diverse range of pouch packaging machines is tailored to suit your requirements. From basic starter machines to advanced high-speed lines, we design equipment that aligns with both your production goals and budget.

Techonology Support

XhPACKING offers robust customer support, including maintenance and repair services, ensuring your packing operations run smoothly.

Customized solutions

Our engineers excel at crafting pouch packaging solutions for peak efficiency and adaptability. Whether starting fresh or integrating with current gear, we have your back.

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Hear it From Our Satisfied Clients

Jhon Crisson

Business Owner in the Food Industry
"The robustness and efficiency of the XH-420K gusset pouch packing machines have revolutionized our packaging process. Our food items are packed swiftly and with high quality, which has definitely improved our bottom line."

Daniel H

Production Supervisor in the Snack Industry
"We have seen a marked improvement in our packaging speed and quality. The high speed VFSS machines are user-friendly and easy to maintain - a complete win for us!"

Pew York

Quality Assurance Manager in the Tea Industry
"The precision and elegance that these pyraimd tea bag machines bring to our tea bag packaging are unparalleled. Our tea bags now stand out in the market thanks to the superior packaging."
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Streamline Your Production with Our Pouch Packaging Machines

Quality and performance go hand in hand with our packaging machines. Reach out to us for a quote and elevate your packaging process.
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