Spout pouch packing machine

Spout Pouch Packaging Style

Ever imagined a fusion of a stand-up pouch's resilience and a spout's ease? Welcome to the Spout Pouch.

Beyond just a bag, it's a transformative packaging experience. With its space-savvy design and airtight seal, it's the go-to for industries from food to daily essentials. Think fresh juice or efficient laundry liquids.

And for businesses? Our packing machine fills and seals with unmatched precision, catering to both liquids and fine materials.

 Benefits of Spout pouch

  • Convenience: The spout allows for easy pouring and controlled dispensing, reducing the chance of spills.

  • Durability: Made with robust materials, spout pouches are resistant to punctures and external pressures.
  • Space-Efficient: Their flexible design means they take up less space on shelves compared to rigid containers.

  • Attractive Branding: The flat surface allows for high-quality printing and branding, making the product stand out on shelves.

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Spout Pouch Materials & Optional Features

Pouch Raw Material:

laminate films made from PE/PP/PET, kraft paper, sustainable film, and more.

Common spout caps:

  • Screw Caps: These are the most common type, where users screw the cap on or off to access the product.

  • Flip-Top Caps: These caps have a hinged lid that can be flipped open for dispensing and snapped shut for sealing.

  • Child-Resistant Caps: Designed to prevent children from opening them easily, often used for potentially harmful substances

Feature options:

  • Various Styles of Spouts and Caps: Tailor your pouch with diverse spout designs, ensuring user-friendly dispensing and impeccable sealing.
  • Handles: Crafted for convenience, our ergonomic handles promise effortless carrying and pouring.
  • Rounded Corners: Beyond aesthetics, these ensure safety, giving the pouch a contemporary and sleek look.
  • Display Window: Transparency builds trust. Our display window showcases product quality, enticing potential buyers.
  • Hanger Hole: Designed for optimal retail display, ensuring your product commands attention on any shelf or hanging setup.

Our Supported Spout Pouch Packing Machines

From design intricacies to seamless operation, explore the machines we back for spout pouch perfection.

Rotary style premade pouch packaging machine

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Horizontal premade pouch packaging machine

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Demo videos

 Industries and applications

Join the spout pouch revolution! Dive deep into the industries and applications reaping its benefits.

Baby food


Alcoholic Beverages

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the machine guarantee accurate spout positioning every time?

The machine is equipped with state-of-the-art optical sensors and alignment systems.

These systems cross-reference the pouch's position with predefined parameters to ensure the spout is affixed at the exact desired location, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic consistency

Can the spout pouch packing machine adapt to different pouch dimensions and design variations?

Absolutely. The machine features a modular design with adjustable settings. This allows for quick tool-less changeovers, accommodating a diverse range of pouch sizes and design specifications.

How does the spout pouch packaging machine maintain hygiene, especially for edibles?

Designed with food-grade stainless steel and non-toxic components, our machine ensures no contamination. Additionally, its design facilitates easy cleaning and sterilization, adhering to the strictest food safety standards.

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