Automatic filling euqipments

Our selection of automatic filling equipments represent the pinnacle of technological progress, meticulously designed for adaptability in the pouch packing machine sector.

Mastering Efficiency with Our Filling Solutions

In the fast-paced world of packaging, inconsistent filling can lead to costly product waste and customer dissatisfaction.

Our automatic filling systems confront this challenge head-on, delivering unmatched accuracy at speeds that keep your production line moving swiftly.

With our technology, adaptability meets automation, ensuring that every granule, liquid, or powder is measured with exacting standards, tailored to a wide array of packaging needs.

From Granules to Liquids: Our Versatile Filling Systems

Integrate our filling systems with auxiliary gear for a tailored, turnkey packaging operation.

Multihead Weigher

Our Multihead Weigher is a paragon of precision, designed to handle a diverse array of products with speed and accuracy.
It features multiple independently controlled weigh heads for simultaneous weighing, ensuring high efficiency.

  • Specifications: With packaging speeds of up to 120 bags per minute and weighing ranges from 10g to 2kg, this machine is a powerhouse of productivity.
    You can learn more about"how do multihead weighers work"here.

  • Benefits: Ideal for a variety of granular and piece products like snacks, confectionery, and frozen items, it reduces giveaway and increases yield.
    Commonly paired with vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines or Premade pouch machines for a complete packaging solution.

Auger Filler

The Auger Filler Machine is your go-to for precision powder filling, utilizing a screw mechanism to dispense consistent volumes of product.

  • Specifications: Suitable for filling 1g to 5kg of product with a packaging speed that can match up to 60 bags per minute, depending on the product density and fill volume.

  • Benefits: Ideal for a wide range of powders and fine granules, from culinary flour to industrial chemicals, our auger filler excels with both free-flowing and challenging materials.

    It guarantees minimal wastage of product while effectively managing dust emissions during the packaging process.

    This filler is highly adaptable and can be integrated with a variety of pouch packaging systems, including sachet packers, stick pack machines, vertical form fill seal (VFFS) units, and premade pouch machines, ensuring a versatile solution for all your packaging needs.

Linear Weigher

 Our Linear Weigher offers straightforward, efficient weighing and filling for free-flowing products.

  • Specifications: Capable of handling 50g to 2kg with a packaging speed of up to 30 bags per minute, it's designed for accuracy and ease of use.

  • Benefits: Best for products like coffee beans, rice, or seeds, it's a cost-effective solution that pairs seamlessly with semi-automatic bagging machines for small to medium operations.

Volumetric Cup Filler

The Volumetric Cup Filler is a reliable solution for consistent volumetric filling, featuring adjustable cups to handle various product sizes.

  • Specifications: With a volumetric range that can be tailored to specific needs, it can achieve packaging speeds of up to 40 bags per minute.

  • Benefits:This machine is adept at handling a variety of granular products, including sugar, seeds, salt, and popcorn, as well as certain non-free-flowing powder products.
    It is designed for seamless integration with sachet packaging machines and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging systems, enhancing efficiency and versatility on the production floor.

Liquid Filler

Precision meets fluidity with our Liquid Pump Filler, engineered to fill liquid products with accuracy and speed.

  • Specifications: This equipment can fill from 5ml to 1 liters, reaching up to 50 bags per minute, depending on viscosity and fill volume.

  • Benefits: Catering to a spectrum of viscosities, from the lightest juices to the thickest sauces and oils, this machine is perfectly suited for a diverse range of liquid products.

    It pairs effortlessly with rotary pouch machines for doypack spout pouches, as well as with sachet packaging and vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines for standard sachets, offering a versatile solution for liquid packaging needs.

Counting Filler

Counting Filler ensures that precise numbers of items are packaged without error, utilizing advanced detection and counting technologies.

  • Specifications: Designed for high-speed and accuracy, it can count small items at rates of hundreds to thousands per minute.

  • Benefits: Suitable for hardware, pharmaceuticals, and food items like candies, it can be integrated with conveyor systems and VFFS machines or Sachet packaging machines for a streamlined packaging process.

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