3 Side Seal Packaging Machine

3 Side Seal Pouch Packaging Solution

3-Side-Seal Pouch Packaging is a popular packaging solution where three sides of the package are sealed, leaving one side folded.

These pouches are ideal for high-speed packaging.

They offer a remarkably versatile, single-use solution that can accommodate various products such as ground products, nutritional products, coffee, tea leaves, snack foods, pet food, free samples, and more.

3 Sided Seal Package Benefits

  • Extended Freshness: Airtight seals preserve product quality and extend shelf life.

  • Optimized Space: Compact design maximizes storage and shipping efficiency.

  • High-Speed Integration: Seamlessly fits into fast-paced production lines.

  • Brand Enhancement: Ample branding space boosts visibility and recognition.

  • Industry Versatility: Adaptable for snacks, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and more.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Achieve quality packaging while optimizing expenses through streamlined design that minimizes material usage.

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Versatile Features and Add-ons

Packaging Film:

Rollstock laminated film, aluminum foil, laminated paper, nylon, and more.

Versatile Features

  • Tear Notch Integration: Enables easy opening without compromising seal integrity. Perfect for consumer convenience.
  • Round Corners Option: Provides smooth edges for safe handling and a polished appearance.
  • Hanger Hole Attachment: Offers display flexibility for retail, enhancing product visibility on shelves.
  • Zipper Installation: Adds resealable functionality, preserving product freshness and providing repeated access.

High-performance 3-side seal pouch packaging machines

Tackle packaging challenges head-on and enhance your production line with our high-performance machine designed for seamless integration.

Tea bag machine with envelope

The XH-68 tea bag machine uses rollstock filter paper to produce rectangular, three-sided sealed tea bags that are then wrapped into sachets.
It's a perfect solution for tea manufacturers looking to enhance packaging efficiency and presentation.
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3 side seal packaging machine for granule

Model: XH-20BK is seamlessly integrated with electronic scales and measuring cups. It is specifically designed for granular materials, like sugar, salt, and spices. 

Its precision and reliability make it a favorite among seasoning and snack producers.
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3 side seal packing machine for liquid & paste

With a liquid piston pump integration, the XH-20TY packaging machine is designed for packaging liquids or sauces. 

It's extensively used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, catering to products like ketchup, syrups, lotions, and medicinal liquids.
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3 side seal pouch packaging machine for powder

This versatile machine can be combined with an auger filler or volumetric cup filler to package powdered materials. 

It's a go-to solution for industries dealing with powdered products such as flour, milk powder, and detergents, ensuring accurate and clean packaging.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the size and features of the 3 side seal pouches?

Absolutely! Our 3 side seal packaging machines offer adjustable settings for different pouch sizes and can integrate features like tear notches, zippers, and hanger holes. We're here to tailor the solution to your specific requirements.

What industries can benefit from 3 side seal packaging?

From food and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and electronics, 3 side seal packaging offers a versatile solution for various industries. Talk to us about your specific needs, and we'll find the perfect fit for your products.

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