Candy Packaging Machines

Packaging Solutions for Various Types of Candy

The diverse world of candies, from jelly beans to gummies, demands versatile packaging solutions.

But how do you ensure each candy, whether pre-wrapped or not, gets the perfect, attractive overwrap for store displays?

Embrace the future of candy packaging with us. Our candy pouch packaging machines, built with the candy industry's unique needs in mind, guarantee precision, speed, and reliability. Let's elevate your packaging game together.

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Explore Our Candy Packaging Machines!

Crafted for versatility, our candy bagging machines handle every candy type. Dive into seamless packaging & boost your brand.

Rotary premade pouch packing machine

Designed especially for both hard and soft candies. 
Seamlessly fill your treats into stand-up zippered pouches or flat-bottom designs, ensuring they stand out and stay fresh.
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VFFS multi-head weigher packing machine

Tailored for gummies, candies, chocolates, and more. 
Whether it's single-serve retail or bulk wholesale, our machine crafts impeccable pillow pouches and gusseted pouches to elevate your brand.
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Small sachet candy packaging machine

Deliver perfection with every sachet using our volumetric cup filler machine. 
Ideal for single-serve retail candies, chocolates, and confections, choose from back seal, 3-side seal, or 4-side seal options for a tailored packaging experience.
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Counting filler candy sachet packing machine

Dive into precision with our counting filler packaging machine, meticulously designed for hard candies or pills that demand accurate counting. 
Whether you're aiming for single-serve packets, pillow bags, or triangle designs, achieve speeds of up to 60 pcs/min。
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High speed horizontal flow warpping machine

Wrap your hard candies at high speeds without compromising on quality using our horizontal flow wrapping machine. 
Compact yet robust, this machine is your go-to solution for individual candy and confection packaging needs.
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Candy, gummy & confetcion Packaging Demo Videos

Bagging Solutions for Every Candy Vision!

Crafted for versatility, our machines support a range of bag styles. Elevate your candy packaging game!

What Our Customers Have to Say


Candy Manufacturer, India
"Our hard candies used to suffer from chipping and clumping, but with the high-speed horizontal wrap machine, each candy is perfectly intact and individually wrapped. 

The pillow bags not only look great on the shelves but also offer the protection our candies need. A game-changer for our brand!"


Gummy Candy Producer, Malaysia
"We were constantly battling the issue of our gummies sticking together and hardening. The premade bag packaging machine has been a revelation! 

The doy zip bags keep our gummies fresh, chewy, and individually separated. Our customers have noticed the difference, and so have we."


Confectionery Owner, US
"Temperature sensitivity was always a challenge for our chocolates.
The VFFS packaging machine with its airtight gusset bags ensures our confections remain melt-free and as fresh as the day they were made. 

No more white cocoa fat or external odors affecting our products. It's been transformative for our business."

Elevate your candy brand with our advanced packing solutions.

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