Doypack packaging machine

Doypack Packaging Style

Meet the doypack pouch, also known as the "Stand Up Pouch."

This flexible packaging solution is designed to stand tall and proud, with a bottom gusset or a K-Style Bottom gusset that forms a rectangular base. Its two vertical sealed edges and resealable top offer both functionality and visual appeal.

Unlike rollstock packaging, this pre-made bag packaging is a canvas for your brand, a mark of quality, and a beacon of convenience.

 Benefits of Doypack pouch

  • Space Efficiency: Its stand-up design ensures optimal shelf space utilization, making it a retailer's favorite.

  • Window Opportunity: The Doypack pouch design allows for a window in the front or back panel. This transparent feature lets customers peek inside, enhancing trust and curiosity.
  • Consumer Convenience: The resealable top option adds an extra layer of convenience, keeping products fresh and easy to use.

  • Brand Visibility: Front and back surfaces provide ample space for brand messaging, making your product stand out on the shelves.

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Doypack Pouch Materials & Optional Features

Pouch Raw Material:

laminate films made from PE/PP/PET, kraft paper, sustainable film, and more.

Feature options:

  • ZIPPER: A press to close zipper ensures freshness and convenience, allowing consumers to easily access the product multiple times.

  • Valves: Integrated valves provide controlled dispensing or release of pressure, enhancing the functionality of the pouch for specific products.

  • Hang Hole: The hang hole feature allows for versatile display options, maximizing visibility and accessibility on retail shelves.

  • Tear Notch: A strategically placed tear notch ensures easy opening, adding to the user-friendly design of the doypack pouch.

  • Round Corner: Smooth, rounded corners not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also add to the safety and comfort of handling the pouch.

  • Spout: The addition of a spout offers a practical solution for liquid or semi-liquid products, ensuring a clean and controlled pour.

Stand Tall with Doypack Packaging Machines

Upgrade to our Doy style stand up packaging machines. Tailored solutions for a standout shelf presence.

Rotary premade pouch packing machine

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Horizontal premade pouch packaging machine

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Demo videos

 Industries and applications

Discover how Doypack packaging adapts to diverse industries. A solution that molds to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Started with Doypack Packaging?

Reach out to our team of experts to discuss your Doypack packaging needs. We offer state-of-the-art machines and personalized solutions to elevate your packaging experience.

Can the Doypack Packaging Machine Handle Different Pouch Sizes and Shapes?

The doypack packaging machines purchased by customers are all customized according to their specific requirements.

Usually, the size of the doypack bags can be adjusted slightly within the same bag type to better meet their needs.

However, in order for the machine to operate stably in the long term and reduce the defect rate, we do not recommend users to use it for multiple purposes.

Doypack packaging machine add-ons
  • Gas Filling (Modified Atmosphere Packaging): Enhance product shelf life and preserve freshness with our gas filling option. Tailored for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), it's a solution for quality-conscious brands.
  • Product Conveyor: Streamline your packaging process with our integrated product conveyor. Designed for efficiency, it ensures smooth product transition and alignment.
  • Working Platform: Our customizable working platform provides ergonomic support for operators, promoting productivity and safety in your packaging operations.
How Does Doypack packaging machine Fill and Seal Stand Up Pouches?

Filling and sealing stand up pouches, or doypack pouches, is a streamlined process with our doypack packaging machines. Here's how it works:

  1. Pouch Selection: Choose the appropriate pouch size and type based on your product requirements.
  2. Filling Device Configuration: Select the suitable filling device (e.g., Multihead Weigher, Auger Filler, Liquid Pump Filler) based on the nature of your product.
  3. Pouch Loading: The machine automatically loads the pouches and aligns them for filling.
  4. Product Filling: The selected filling device accurately dispenses the product into the pouches.
  5. Sealing Process: The machine's sealing mechanism securely seals the pouches, ensuring airtight packaging.
  6. Quality Check: Optional quality control features can inspect and ensure the integrity of the seal.
  7. Final Packaging: The sealed pouches are then ready for boxing, labeling, or direct distribution.
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