Drip Coffee Bag

Single Serve Coffee Packaging Solution

Drip coffee bags have become a popular choice for those seeking high-quality, single-serve coffee.

Essentially, they are small filter bags that open at the top and are filled with ground coffee. They have fold out handles that allow the bag to sit over the top of a cup. Think of it as the perfect blend of convenience and quality.

Crafted with precision, each bag is designed to hold the optimal amount of coffee grounds, ensuring a consistent brew every time.

 Benefits of Drip coffee bags

  • Precision-Crafted Design: Every drip coffee bag is engineered to perfection, ensuring each brew is consistent and up to the mark.

  • Ultimate Convenience: No more messy coffee grounds or complicated brewing methods. Just dangle, pour, and enjoy.

  • Space Savers: Compact and lightweight, these bags are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, making them a hit for travelers and office-goers alike.

  • Optimal Ground Capacity: Each bag is meticulously designed to hold the ideal amount of coffee grounds, eliminating guesswork and waste.

  • Perfect for Businesses: Hotels, cafes, and offices can elevate their coffee offerings, providing guests and employees with a premium brewing experience without the fuss.

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Sachet Materials & Optional Features


Rollstock drip coffee filter, meticulously crafted from non-woven, food-grade nylon, ensuring both safety and superior brewing performance.

Option features:

  • Standard Drip Coffee Bag Features:

    • Outer Envelope: Provides an added layer of protection, ensuring the freshness and quality of the coffee grounds remain intact.
    • Tear Notch: Designed for easy opening, our tear notch ensures a hassle-free brewing experience every time.

    Fedora Shape Coffee Filter Bag Features:

    • Plastic Lid: A sturdy lid that guarantees the contents remain sealed and uncontaminated, preserving the rich flavors of the coffee.
    • Foil Overwrap: Offers an extra barrier against external factors, ensuring the coffee's aroma and taste are locked in until the moment of brewing.

Our Drip Coffee Bag Machines Make the Difference

Crafted for perfection, our machines ensure every coffee bag is packed for optimal freshness & flavor.

Drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Fedora shape filter bag coffee packaging machine

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