XH-20QD-ZF powder sachet packaging machine

Efficient & Precise sachet packing machine with auger filler

Model: XH-20QD-ZF

Sample bag display


The XH-20QD-ZF auger filler powder sachet packaging machine is meticulously engineered for top-tier efficiency.

It starts by feeding powder products with a screw conveyor system, measures with precise auger filling device, and then form and seals sachets to maintain product quality. Once sealed, sachets are promptly ejected, making them ready for sale.

This machine is suitable for packing a variety of powders, from sugar and salt to flour and protein powder, whether they are free-flowing or not.

Max Speed


Packing material

Runs most film material, like PE/PET, BOPP/PET, paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, etc.


  • Vertical Auger Filler : The vertical auger filler ensures consistent and accurate powder dispensing, optimizing every sachet fill without wastage.

  • Multi-Language HMI: The machine's Human-Machine Interface (HMI) supports multiple languages, ensuring ease of use for operators worldwide.

  • Precise and Independent Temperature Control: Each sealing zone is equipped with its own temperature control, guaranteeing perfect seals.

  • Siemens PLC: Integrated with a Siemens Programmable Logic Controller, the machine guarantees top-tier performance, streamlined diagnostics, and seamless system integration.

  • Runs Most Film Structures: This machine is compatible with a wide range of film structures, from laminates to eco-friendly materials, catering to diverse packaging needs.

  • Dust Removal Device: SPrioritizing product purity, the in-built dust removal device ensures each sachet is free from external contaminants, preserving product quality.

  • Enclosed, Servo-Drive Jaw Actuation: The enclosed design combined with servo-driven jaw actuation delivers rapid, silent, and pinpoint-accurate sealing.


Step into the future of powder packaging. Watch our sachet packaging machine transform raw powder into flawless sachets. 🚀


Bag stylePillow bag, 3-side seal bag, 4-side seal bag.
Measuring rage5-50g
Bag Length30 to 150mm
Bag Width25 to 140mm
Film40-120 mic thinkness, Rollstock Max.Dia.400 mm.
Packing Speed30-60 bags/min
Machine Weight250KG


  • Hole punch (Euro slot or round)
  • Easy to tear notch
  • Chain Style bag
  • Date printer
  • Screw conveyor feeder
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal detectors

Industries & Applications

Detergent Powder

Unlock Efficiency and Quality in Every Package!

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