Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Versatile & User-Friendly Rotary Pouch Machine - Combat Complexity!

Model: XH-PB200/PB250

Sample bag display


This rotary premade pouch packaging machine is the pinnacle of packing industry technology, designed to make packaging fast but precise.

The process begins with choosing a filling machine that matches the product's qualities to treat each item carefully.
Options include a multi-head weigher for granular items, an auger filler for powders, and a liquid pump filler for liquids and semi-liquids.

The 8-station rotary pouch machine then takes center stage. Each station is a testament to precision engineering, ensuring that every pouch is handled, filled, sealed, and checked with the utmost accuracy. The machine’s adaptability ensures it can handle a diverse range of pouches and products, making it a versatile asset in any packing environment.

Packaging solutions

Rotary pouch machine + multihead weigher

This dynamic duo ensures precise, rapid, and efficient packaging of a variety of granular & solid products, enhancing both speed and accuracy in your production line.

Rotary pouch machine + auger filler

This combination delivers pinpoint accuracy and cleanliness, ensuring each pouch is filled to perfection, making it an ideal solution for powders and similar products.

Rotary pouch machine + liquid pump filler

This pairing guarantees precise, spill-free, and efficient filling, sealing, and packaging of various liquids and semi-liquids, ensuring product integrity and quality.
Packaging Speed


Packing material

Laminate heat sealable material, such as Kraft paper, OPP/PE, BOPP/OPP/PE, PET/AL/PE, etc.

Features & Advantages

  • 8 stations, single bag
    • Pouch pick up
    • Zipper open(optional), Data printing(optional)
    • Pouch open
    • Fill,  Vibrating support(optional)
    • Dust cleaning(optional) , Dual product dose(optional)
    • Vacuum , Pouch inflating & deflating
    • Streching, Heat seal
    • Cold seal(optional), Discharge
  • Touch Screen / Graphic Interface
  • Multi-language HMI
  • Servo-driven 
  • Dust collection
  • Bag deflation
  • Pouch presence detection – no filling, no sealing
  • Easy Washing & Cleaning
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Robust stainless steel frame

Packaging Auxiliary Equipments

Z type conveyor

Working platform

Screw Conveyor

Takeaway conveyor


Watch how speed meets accuracy, delivering the ultimate premade pouch packaging solution for diverse products.


Number of stations8
Bag Width60 – 200mm80 – 250mm
Bag Length100-350mm
Dosing systemMulti-head weigher, Auger filler, Volumetric cup, Linear weigher, Liquid pump.
Accuracy±1g (≤100g) / ± 1%( >100g) according to material
Machine Weight1300KG1500KG
Gas Consumption0.6 – 0.8m³/min
Voltage380V 50/60Hz


  • Bag infeed system
  • Gas flush
  • Easy to tear notch
  • Heavy duty grippers
  • Zipper opening & Sealing device
  • Date coding
  • Infeed conveyor
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal detectors

Unlock Efficiency and Quality in Every Package!

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