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Welcome to the forefront of coffee bag packaging technology!

Our state-of-the-art machines are engineered to provide the commercial coffee industry with unparalleled efficiency, precision, and sustainability. Whether you're a small roastery or a large distributor, our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

Let us help you elevate your coffee packaging process and brew success together.

Common Coffee Product Forms in the Market

  • Whole Bean: The purest form, whole bean coffee is packaged to preserve freshness and flavor, allowing consumers to grind it to their preferred coarseness.
  • Coffee Ground: Pre-ground coffee offers convenience and consistency, packaged to maintain optimal taste and aroma.
  • Instant Coffee: A popular choice for on-the-go consumers, instant coffee is processed and packaged for quick and easy preparation(learn more).
  • Coffee Extract Concentrate: A versatile product form, coffee extract concentrate is used in various applications, from cold brews to culinary delights, and is packaged to ensure quality and potency.
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Precision, efficiency, and innovation in one package. Transform your coffee packaging today.

Premade pouch coffee packaging machine

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VFFS coffee frac pack machine

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Multi-lane stickpack packaging machine

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Instant coffee stick packaging machine

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Small sachet coffee powder packing machine

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Drip coffee bag packaging machine

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Fefora coffee filter bag packaging machine

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Explore Bag Styles for Your Coffee

From sachets to flat bottom pouches, our coffee bagging machines adapt to your needs. Explore the possibilities.

Single Serve Use

Perfectly suited for coffee powder, ground coffee, and coffee frac. 
Our machines are meticulously engineered to provide the exact portion every time, ensuring a fresh and flavorful experience that caters to individual tastes and preferences.

Bulk Packaging

Designed to handle coffee beans, roasted coffee, ground coffee, and offer multiple access options. 
Whether you're packaging large quantities or need flexible solutions for various coffee types, our machines deliver quality and consistency, streamlining your production process without sacrificing taste or freshness.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Carlos Mendoza

Roasted Coffee Producer, Mexico
"Our roasted coffee beans deserved the best, and with the VFFS machine: XH-520K, we achieved just that. 
The flatbottom bags with Vent Valves have not only preserved the freshness but also elevated our brand's presentation. XhPACK truly understands the nuances of the coffee industry."

Faisal Al-Saud

Coffee Distributor, Saudi Arabia
"Transitioning to the drip coffee bag packaging machine: XH-69 was a game-changer for us. 
Our coffee ground has never been more accessible or tasted better. Thanks to XhPACK, we've been able to tap into a market we didn't even know we were missing."

Nguyen Thi

Coffee Retailer, Vietnam
"The stick pouch packaging machine: XH-20JF has revolutionized how we package our instant coffee powder. 
The coffee stickpacks are not only convenient for our customers but also incredibly efficient for our production line. XhPACK has truly transformed our business."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I package coffee to extend its shelf life while maintaining its flavor?

Packaging coffee to preserve its freshness and flavor is a precise science.

Utilizing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a key method to achieve this. By controlling the oxygen and moisture levels within the packaging, MAP helps in extending the shelf life of the coffee.

Additionally, incorporating a one-way degassing valve allows the natural gases from the coffee to escape without letting air in, further preserving the flavor and aroma.

Our coffee pouch packaging machines are designed to support these technologies, ensuring that every bag of coffee is packed to perfection.

Is it necessary to package coffee beans within a few hours of roasting?

Packaging coffee beans soon after roasting is indeed beneficial for maintaining the optimal freshness and flavor profile.

The roasting process releases natural oils and gases that contribute to the coffee's taste. By packaging the beans within a few hours of roasting, and especially by using features like one-way degassing valves, you can lock in those unique flavors and aromas.

Our machines are designed to support this timely packaging process, providing a solution that aligns with the best practices in the coffee industry.

Elevate Your Coffee Packaging with Our Cutting-Edge Machines!

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