XH-SP600 Horizontal fow wrapping machine

Fast, Versatile HFFS packing machine

Model: XH-SP600

Sample bag display


Perfect for suppliers requiring individual packaging, our high-speed automatic horizontal flow pack machine is a versatile solution.

Whether it's candies, electronics, bakery items, hardware, or medical products, this machine handles diverse sectors with ease.

Featuring an industrial PC and a 7” HMI touchscreen, its user-friendly interface matches superior performance models."

Max Speed


Packing material


  • Precision Packaging: Achieve flawless results with servo control, ensuring impeccable orientation and precise sizing.
  • Compact Efficiency: Designed for small-scale production, our machine's compact design maximizes space without compromising performance.
  • Built to Last: The stainless steel frame and product contact areas guarantee durability and hygiene for consistent quality.
  • Intuitive Control: Experience seamless operation with a user-friendly control panel that simplifies your packaging process.
  • Dual Fin Seal Wheels: Enhance sealing efficiency and product security with the power of dual fin seal wheels.
  • Adaptable Design: Adjust end seal jaw height to accommodate varying product sizes, ensuring a snug and secure package.
  • Custom Bag Length: Effortlessly tailor bags to your products with easy bag length adjustment, saving time and materials.
  • Film Roll Mastery: Achieve precision with quick centering for the film roll holder, optimizing your packaging workflow.


A continuous motion machine, this equipment also features fast packaging speeds.


Additional InfoParameter
Film widthMax.400mm
Bag length90-220mm/140-330mm
Bag width50-185mm
Product heightMax.60mm
Film roll diameterMax.320mm
Machine size(L)4020x(W)770x(H)1450
Machine weight500KG


  • Product Conveyor
  • Hot stamp printer: For date/ lot coding.
  • Gusset Device
  • Euro Slot Jaws
  • Nitrogen Gas‐Flushing

Industries & Applications


Beauty products

Unlock Efficiency and Quality in Every Package!

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