XH-20TY liquid sachet packing machine

Efficiency & accuracy liquid sachet packaging solution

Model: XH-20TY

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Meet the XH-20TY, where advanced technology meets liquid sachet packaging precision. 

The machine operates using a piston pump mechanism, ensuring accurate and consistent filling of sachets. When the machine is turned on, the liquid product is pulled from the hopper and into the piston chamber.
Once the chamber is filled to the desired volume, the packing host releases the liquid into the sachet, sealing it securely. This process guarantees minimal wastage and maximum accuracy.

Whether it's juices, lotions, oils, or health supplements, the XH-20TY handles them all. Simplify your packaging process with this efficient and versatile machine.

Max Speed


Packing material

Runs most film material, like PE/PET, BOPP/PET, paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, etc.

Features & Advantages

  • Automatic Film Tracking: It guarantees that the packaging film is always properly oriented, resulting in uniform packing every time.

  • Photo Eye and Encoder: These advanced sensors detect the sachet's position, ensuring precise filling and sealing.

  • Hopper with Mixer & heat warmmer:The mixer keeps the liquid consistent in consistency, preventing sedimentation or separation. While The heating device can keep the temperature of the liquid or sacuce from dropping too low, reducing its fluidity.
  • Automatic Machine Stop: Safety first! If any irregularities are detected, the machine automatically halts operations.

  • PLC Control: It offers easy customization of operations, ensuring the machine works in harmony with your specific needs.

  • Liquid Pump Precision: Delivering unparalleled accuracy, the piston pump mechanism ensures each sachet is filled to the exact desired volume. 

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning: Designed for hassle-free maintenance, with easily accessible parts and a structure that's simple to clean.


Experience the seamless transformation of liquids into perfectly packed sachets. Our video unveils the art & science behind it.


Bag stylePillow bag, 3-side seal bag, 4-side seal bag, Stick bag.
Product CharacteristicLiquids, Pastes
Bag Length50 to 130mm
Bag Width40 to 140mm
Packaging film width50-260mm
Film40-120 mic thinkness, Rollstock Max.Dia.400 mm.
Packing Speed30-60 bags/min
POWERMAX 1.2 KW, Single-phare 220v 50-60HZ
Machine Weight250KG


  • Hole punch (Euro slot or round)
  • Round cut
  • Easy to tear notch
  • Chain Style bag
  • Date printer
  • Insulation device
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal detectors

Industries & Applications

Unlock Efficiency and Quality in Every Package!

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