Tetrahedron triangle bag

Tetrahedron Bag Style

A triangle bag, or Tetrahedron pouch, is more than a packaging solution; it's a statement of innovation and elegance.

Its three-dimensional form delivers stability with a visual flair, making it a go-to choice for brands craving uniqueness.

From tea bags, small candies to snacks, its compact design and reliable construction cater to single-serve needs with style and efficiency.

 Benefits of pyramid shaped bags

  • Space Efficiency: The pyramid shape design allows for optimal space utilization, reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.
  • Visual Appeal: Its distinctive shape captures attention, adding a touch of elegance to your product presentation.
  • Versatility: Suitable for small solid, liquid contents, the triangle pouch is adaptable to various product needs.
  • Seal Integrity: Engineered with precision, our automatic triangle pouch packaging machine ensures airtight sealing, preserving
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 Triangle Bag Materials & Optional Features


Rollstock laminated film, aluminum foil film, nylon mesh, non-woven film, and more.

Option features:

  • Triangle Pouch Packaging Features:

    • Tear Notch: Allows for easy opening without compromising the seal.
    • Round Corners: Enhances safety and aesthetics with smooth edges.
    • Hang Hole: Provides convenient display and storage options.

    Pyramid Tea Bag Specific Features:

    • With or Without String and Tag: Offers customization to suit branding and consumer preferences.

Associated Triangle Pouch Packing Machines

Transform your product presentation with our pyramid-shaped pouches. Quality, convenience, and customization await.

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 Industries and applications

From nuts to candies, our Tetrahedron pouches offer taste innovation with every bite.
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