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Eric Lu

Look who's got the clicky fingers! 😁 Hunting for the pouch packaging machine of your dreams, or just surfing the web waves? 

Well, since you've graced this page with your presence, I'm audaciously (and with a wink) guessing you're keen to know a bit more about me. Go on, scroll down.

About me

Hello there, fine folks!

"Hello, digital wayfarer! I'm Eric Lu, the chief architect of this digital domain. 🏰 A trio of years ago, I rolled up my sleeves and birthed my very first blog baby: xhtepack. There, I dished out juicy tidbits and wisdom on automating the packaging dance for tea and coffee delights. And lo and behold, the caffeine crowd came a-knocking!

But, as with all epic tales, the plot evolved. Our horizons broadened from just the brews to the world of granules, mystical powders, zesty liquids, and realms both edible and beyond.

To keep the story unfolding and welcome more kindred spirits, I unfurled the banner of xhpackingmachine. Ready for the next chapter? πŸ“–βœ¨"

Our Happy Clients
Eric Lu
I'm Eric Lu, the head honcho of xhpackingmachine. πŸš€ Five years deep into the auto-packaging rodeo, we've been tailoring bag-tastic solutions that don't just package, they profit! 
Ready to jazz up your packaging game with us? Let's roll! πŸŽΈπŸ“¦
Email: eric(at)xhpackingmachine.com

Whatsapp: +86-15859206425

Real Talks

Unscripted Applause: Direct Digs from Our Client Dialogues! πŸ‘πŸŽ™οΈ

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